How to upload a video on your desktop computer

Below is an example on how to upload 4×4 videos using your desktop computer.

Please ensure your computer does not go into sleep mode whilst uploading as this can cause the upload to fail.

Uploading via your computer will mainly be used by people who know exactly where the video was taken to ensure we keep the accuracy of the map. There are only two ways of uploading via your computer and that is either manually entering the Longitude and Latitude co-ordinates or manually putting the place mark into the correct position. This may be hard for a lot of people because of the unknown location whilst using the map or if you are unfamiliar on how to track your location manually by co-ordinates.

1) Go to the home page of and click on Upload as shown below.



2) Click on Computer as shown below.



3) Click on the Sign in with Google button and sign into your Google/YouTube account as below.



4)Enter the details as shown below (Video Title, description, category and tags) same details as you normally do when uploading to YouTube. In fact these details will be uploaded to your YouTube account along with the video you are also uploading.



5) Now you can either manually enter in the Longitude and Latitude co-ordinates of the location of where your video was taken or you can drag the place mark over to the area.

TIP: Drag the place mark over to roughly the area and then zoom in for better detailed view of exactly where the track is whilst still keeping the place mark in screen view by scrolling in with your mouse scroll or by using the controls on the top left of page on map, as shown below.

TIP: You can change to Satellite view on top right of map for ease of locating your map!



6) Click the Browse button and select the video that is on your computer then press Upload Video as below.


That’s it!!!

Please be patient whilst the video uploads, this may take a long time depending on the length and quality of the video so please be patient and do not press any buttons or leave that page until it finishes.


Any questions or errors please let us know and thank you for helping us build this database!

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