How to use the iOS and Android applications – Recording and uploading to map

Below is a step by step instructions on how to use the device applications on both Android and iOS devices.

Try to keep video recordings to below 10 minutes otherwise YouTube will not handle them. 

UPDATE: You do not need to have phone reception for the application to pick up your location. It runs on picking up the satellites so you do not need to have phone reception for this to work.


1) Download the app from either Apple Store or Google Play.

google-dl                 apple-dl

2) Open up the app and read the About Us section for some quick notes about the site and application and log in using your Google/YouTube account.

3) Press the Record button as shown below and rotate your device to landscape so it can record in full quality view.



4) Record your 4×4 video in landscape view, once finished press the Use button if you like the video or Retake button if you wish to take it again as shown below.



5) Now you need to name the title of the video as shown below and press the green Save icon to save the video.



6) Once you press Save it will take you back to the home page of the app as shown below, now press the Video button as shown below to go into all of your saved you4wd videos.



7) If a video hasn’t been uploaded yet it will have the symbol “NEW!” next to it. If the video has already been upload by you then you will see the thumbnail of it as shown below. For this example we will be uploading the “Test” video at the top of the page, click on the blue upload icon to upload the video to your YouTube account.



8) Now you must enter the Tag of the video, description of the video and the category (same as Youtube), this information will also be uploaded to your Youtube account as well. See below example;



9) Scroll down a little bit of using smaller devices and click on the blue Upload icon as shown below to upload the video.



10) As below, this will now upload the video to your YouTube account and we will gather the GPS location and all of the information and put it on the You4wd map!




11) Please be patient whilst your video uploads, sometimes it can take a long time similar to when you upload videos to YouTube. We recommend WI-FI connectivity for faster uploading.

If this pops up below, then you are all finished and thank you for supporting us and adding a new 4×4 video to the database!!!



Any questions, just ask!


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