Upload fail on android device

If you received an upload fail pop up on your android device when trying to upload a 4×4 video check your internet connectivity and check if it is working properly. You might also have lost internet connectivity for a split second whilst uploading the video so please try again.

Note: Large videos can take while to upload, the same speed as when you are uploading videos to Youtube so please be patient and do NOT touch your device whilst uploading. Try to keep videos below 10 minutes otherwise YouTube may not accept them and this will also cause a fail.

IMPORTANT: The apps are designed to disable your auto lock feature on your device whilst you are uploading. If for some reason the application does not automatically disable your auto lock then please read below on how to manually turn it off.

Below is a step by step way to turn off the auto sleep mode. I do not have an android device so if there are other ways to disable it on other android devices then please let us know below, we appreciate any help!

  1. Go to the main menu of your device
  2. Go to “Settings”
  3. Then go to the “Display” tab
  4. Then go to screen timeout
  5. Select the highest timeout possible or select NONE if applicable

Video below explains how to do this also…

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